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In the beginning there was Johan Peter least that is the beginning of Krusell in Denmark.
Johan Peter Krusell arrives in Denmark from Sweden in 1823.

Since then the danish branch of Krusell has grown. Today we are 79 living persons with the last name 'Krusell' in Denmark.
But there are many many more with the name Krusell around the world.

Jeannie (Thanks Jeannie) has traced the family Krusell/Crusell back to 1550
and published the danish family tree with 328 individuals in the book 'Slægtshistorien Krusell'. I can recommend it.

How many are we around the world with the name Krusell?....I don't know...yet.
How are we connected?...I don't know...yet.

Let's find out!!...fell free to contact the admin if you have any information, stories, anecdotes or pictures concerning Krusell

-Anders Krusell